RIG 4VR White Stereo Gaming Headset for PlayStation

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  • The first headset developed for PlayStation VR with matched 40 mm drivers to bring correct positional audio cues, and low-frequency resonators to be definite bass doesn’t overpower intricate soundscapes.
  • Oval earcups match comfortably with wearable shows, and are vented to dissipate heat, and let in ambient sound to will let you retain your steadiness and listen to others spherical you.
  • Entails short .4M audio cable for seamless integration along with your VR insist’s cables; Also entails longer 1.2M cable for gaming on PS4/PS5 and Xbox controllers.
  • Versatile, noise-cancelling mic bid flips up to mute and without grief detaches even as you would be searching to listen to to song or gawk videos between games.
  • Interchangeable cables to be used with PlayStation VR, PlayStation PS4/PS5 and even Xbox, PCs, laptops and pills.


Designate: $29.99

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