How to Output Game Audio to Headset on PlayStation 4

This may be a very simple thing to post about but you would be surprised the number of comments I get on my YouTube channel where people are asking how to output the PlayStation 4 game audio to their gaming headsets like the Kotion Each G9000 or Kotion Each G2000 gaming headsets.  This is not a headset setting, this is a PlayStation 4 audio setting and you have to go into your PlayStation 4 settings panel and go to audio.

By default you may see that your audio device is set to “chat audio” only to be output to your gaming headset connected to your dual shock controller, all you have to do is change this setting to All Audio and you will get game sound on your PlayStation 4 gaming headset.

The moment you make the change your PlayStation audio should be heard in your PS4 gaming headset that is plugged into your dual shock controller.  Now, usually Chat Audio is for when you have other local co-op players and they are all using the same TV and want to hear the game while you may be the only one streaming or talking in an online chat group while you are playing.  Hopefully this little summary will help those who don’t know how to play game audio on their PS4 headset.

Now speaking of game audio, here are some PlayStation 4 gaming headsets that have worked well and we have reviewed over the past year or so.





If you have any other PlayStation 4 related questions, just ask.