Gaming Headset with Microphone | Top rate 3D HD Stereo Sound Video Gaming Wired Headphones for PS4 Console, Xbox One, Swap, PC, Pc | 3.5mm Audio | Ps4 Accessories by HC Gamer Existence

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Ultimate For Avid gamers

While you happen to are a gamer, you desire the most simple gaming headset to aid you hear every footstep, every circulation, and every gunshot to create obvious you preserve a step earlier than the competition. A appropriate headset can abet immerse you valid into a game fancy never ahead of, which is why you might want to also’t prefer for unhappy sound, worse comfort, and cheap headphones that crumble on you. Because of this we created the Final Video Gaming Headset that presents kindly sound quality, versatile connectivity, and a transparent microphone to maximise your gaming abilities. Shopping for a wired gaming headset? Now you discovered it!

Headphone Specs:

  • Speaker Diameter: 53mm
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 100dB +- 3dB
  • Max Vitality: 100mW
  • Quantity Alter: By process of Inline Controller
  • Microphone Specs:

  • Path: Omnidirectional
  • Impedance: 2.2 kOhms
  • Frequency Response: 100Hz-10,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: -38dB +- 3dB
  • Detachable Microphone: Superb
  • Microphone Peaceful: By process of Inline Controller
  • Gold Plated Connectors: Superb
  • TRRS Pinout: CTIA
  • Compatability:

  • PCs/Notebooks: Superb
  • Ps4: Superb
  • XBox One: Superb
  • So how must I teach it?

  • Gaming headphones ps4 : YES!
  • xbox gaming headset : YES!
  • gaming headset pc pc pc : YES!
    • SUPERB PROFESSIONAL AUDIO & SOUND – EASILY CALCULATE OPPOSING PLAYERS POSITIONS – – Top rate sound quality gaming headphones with microphone (removable) delivers SHARP, CRYSTAL CLEAR, 3D HD encompass sound. Create the competitive edge and HEAR EVERY NEAR-SILENT foot step, pin tumble, clothing rustle, gun shot, and all the pieces else you hang to DOMINATE RPGs, MMOs, shooters and extra. “Performs higher than $200 premiums!”
    • ALL-WEEKEND BATTLE READY – BE THE LAST PLAYER STANDING – While too loose, too tight, or too pinchy online game headphones distract your focal point, taking you out early and messing up your game, HC Gamer Existence ENHANCED COMFORT, SELF ADJUSTING gaming headphones naturally adjust to your ears, face and posture – supporting grueling weekend prolonged Fortnight, HyperX or Blackhawk lessons.
    • LOUD & PROUD – OR – RADIO SILENT – DETACHABLE MICROPHONE – The very top xbox one gaming headset at the moment time aspects the finest quality INLINE mic in its class – with out notify talk techniques alongside side your teammates, trash talk your opponents (and be obvious they hear every phrase with crystal clarity) or blueprint stop away it and scuttle quiet whenever you’re taking part in with out coms. While you happen to desire a gaming headset with mic, don’t hesitate, right here’s the one!
    • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY – UPGRADE YOUR GAME, NOT Your Gaming System -Construct no longer retain dishing out cash for a brand unique headset with microphone at any time whenever you upgrade your gaming gadget. Gaming head telephones compose beautifully on any Playstation (PS4), Xbox One (and prior Xbox generations), laptops, PCs, mobile gadgets AND EVEN on any gadget requiring 3.5mm cellular phone jack (attachment incorporated) – making it the most simple Xbox headset & PS4 headset around! Ultimate xbox headphones or headset for ps4.
    • A REAL GAME CHANGER – THE TRUSTED GAMING EXPERTS – We motivate EVERY HC GamerLife gaming headset with microphone by kindly craftsmanship, reliability, and comfort for a 2 FULL YEARS. So whenever you happen to are in a position to employ time beyond regulation gaming, and no more time questioning whether or no longer you comprise the TOP gamer gear, then scuttle ahead and Click Add to Cart Now – we guarantee 100% ELATION, or we will originate no matter it takes to create it appropriate.


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