Drop + EPOS PC38X Gaming Headset Noise-Cancelling Microphone with Over-Ear Beginning-Serve Invent, Velour Earpads, Effectively matched with PC, PS4, PS5, Swap, Xbox, Mac, Cell, and…

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  • THE PC38X IS BACK IN BLACK: An upgraded model of the crowd-popular PC37X, our PC38X gaming headset is a level up in consolation, fabricate fine, and sonic efficiency.
  • LOCATIONAL ACCURACY: A COMPETITIVE EDGE: To set it simply, the PC38X helps you hear enemies and sense your atmosphere more clearly. As a result of angled drivers and originate-support tag, it provides better stereo imaging and locational accuracy.
  • VENERABLE DRIVERS: The drivers approach from the same family because the EPOS GSP 500 and 600—two of the very most sensible-fine gaming headsets on the market. They offer better low-kill extension than the distinctive PC37X, so your video games and tune feel more practical than ever sooner than.
  • CLEAR AMBIANCE-FREE COMMUNICATION The noise-cancelling microphone is designed for excessive-quantity low-distance recording and is optimized to take care of mistaken pops and hisses—mountainous for gaming Skype calls and video chatting.
  • INCREASED COMFORT: The headscarf has been updated with a brand new, breathable mesh-knit pad, conserving you cooler and better supported for long classes.


Notice: $180.00

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