Bluetooth Wi-fi Adapter, Zamia Mini USB 4.0 Dongle Receiver and Transmitters Wi-fi Microphone Headset Adapter for PS4/PS5 Playstation4/5 Serve A2DP HFP HSP

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  • VERSION: The wi-fi Dongle strengthen to the most contemporary version, derive efficiency, which true for any Bluetooth headset. Bluetooth adapter ought to be linked to the PS4 console, in the event you can well very successfully be linked to one more machine is no longer on hand. (The Apple Airpods Bluetooth headset is no longer supported)
  • SIZE: Approx. 2.5 x 0.7 x 5 inches. The transmission range is 33 toes (10 meters). This Bluetooth Adapter extraordinarily little and residential-saving USB Bluetooth adapter lets you leave it on devices without blocking off the encircling USB ports. Actual budge it into your computer non-public computer or PS4 and raise it anyplace.
  • WIRELESS: 3.5mm male and female busbars, perfectly linked to the microphone. A cable clamp that holds the microphone for your garments. This lets you play the game without noise when talking to the microphone, bringing you basically the most spellbinding gaming abilities! (Sony BOSE JBL ticket is no longer supported in the present day)
  • CONNECTION: Flip on the PS4 host, residing the PS4 console audio output mode, get Settings-Peripheral Devices-Audio Devices-USB Headset (USB Audio Instrument). After winding up this surroundings, the sound of the PS4 console could very successfully be transmitted to an audio terminal tool, equivalent to a Bluetooth headset, (you will need to flip on the external audio settings)
  • RELIABILITY: The wi-fi Protocol Stack is applied on the dongle, no topic the host. Handiest the host helps USB Auido, budge in the USB BT Dongle to ship the host audio signal to the wi-fi terminal tool via Dongle.


Designate: $11.99

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